Bricosoftware builds apps in Barcelona

Bricosoftware is a development firm from Barcelona specialiced in 4 areas. Apple IOS native apps, android native apps, WHMCS modules and cPanel modules

  • apps from barcelona for iphone IOS

    iPhone and iPad apps

    We build native iphone apps. We accept to build as well hybrid apps if portability is your key driver

  • Benefit Number Two

    Better Pricing

    Other cost a fortune! Our native basic apps starts as low as free. Will definitely fit in your budget!. And developed in Barcelona

  • Benefit Number Three

    WHMCS and cPanel modules

    Strong hosting background drives development of professional modules. Again, development is in-house in Barcelona

  • Benefit Number Four

    Native Android apps. Hybrid solutions

    Native Android apps, hybrid apps that can work both in iphone and android. Hand-made in Barcelona

  • iphone app hand-made in Barcelona
  • Barcelona made app
  • App Barcelona
Free version!
  • native ios app?

    Urgent app?

    We can build your app in a record time. Because we have the best coders at premises, with no communitcation issues due to disseminated teams

  • barcelona app development is better

    looking for our standard products?

    allvps is here. Obsidian is here.

  • Why apps in barcelona?

    Why choose Barcelona to develop apps?

    Good clima, superb city, seaside on summer, sky in winter has attracted the best software coders on apps to Barcelona.